All questions and answers about the video cassette conversion service


1How much does it cost to convert 1 movie?
Each conversion costs € 8 regardless of the type of cassette (VHS, VHS-C, Video8, MiniDV etc.) with sending the movie via mail / cloud.
If you have more videotapes to convert contact us to receive our best offer including discount!
2Do you have any convention for those who have many cassettes to convert?
With more than 8 videotapes you will receive the 10% discount on the total order.
3Does the price vary based on the length of the movie?
The price will always be 8 € whatever the duration of your videotapes!
4Is there a price list dedicated to companies?
All prices shown are included in the conversion by sending the file via cloud or email. We carry out legal reports dedicated to companies with the utmost professionalism and availability; if you are one of these, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail.
5How can I make a payment?
We accept different types of payment:
- in cash at our offices or inside temporary stores
- Paypal
- Bank transfer.

We will ask for a 50% deposit halfway through the work and the final balance only when we have converted all your videos.

Delivery time

1How long does a conversion take?
VHS to digital conversion is a 1: 1 process.
This means that if a movie lasts 2 hours it will take exactly 2 hours to convert it from analog to digital file.
2How long will it take you to convert my cassettes?
On average, we calculate 3/4 working days. Obviously it depends on the quantity of the cassettes and above all on their duration.
If you send us 60 boxes of 3 hours each, it will take at least 10 working days. To make sure of the times, write to us via e-mail, we will answer you in less than 24h!
3Do files lose quality during conversion?
All your movies will retain the quality they owned on the analog format, the quality ratio of the conversion is 1: 1.
4I have urgent material to convert in 24h!
We have a channel dedicated to movies that require urgency (with 24h delivery via cloud and 48h via express courier) to be converted. If you have this need, contact us immediately via e-mail to receive information.

Stores, collections and deliveries by express courier

1I live far from your operational offices, what can I do?
If you are away from us, don't worry, we use the DHL express courier (delivery in 24 / 48h with insured shipping) for the collection and delivery of our parcels.
The only thing you will have to do is print the label and apply it on your package. We will take care of the rest!
2Is the shipping of the videotapes free?
For each shipment the costs vary according to the location, weight and dimensions of the package. Write to us on Whatsapp or e-mail the dimensions and weight to receive a cost estimate.
3What are the delivery points? Can I personally bring my videotapes?
To date we have 3 operating offices located in Vestone, Brescia and Verona.
We often open temporary stores in shopping centers scattered throughout Italy where you can personally bring videotapes.
We kindly ask you to contact us to check the opening of the office closest to you!

Media available

1After conversion, do you save digital files only on DVD?
You can directly choose which media to save your memories on: dvd, usb stick, hard disk or in the cloud.
2Do I have to send the USB stick or can you get it yourself?
If you want you can send us your usb stick, we will take care of copying the converted files. If, on the other hand, you prefer, we can directly purchase a USB with the exact size for the converted videos!
3Can the files be played only on the PC?
You can review your memories on any device you want: pc, television, mobile phone and tablet are some of the media on which to reproduce your memories.
4Is it possible to burn videos to CD or DVD?
Yes, if you want we can pour your video tapes on DVD at the cost of € 2.2 each.
For each cassette we will create a movie to which a single single DVD will be dedicated. For example, if you convert 12 VHS you will receive 12 DVDs for the price of € 26.4.
5Is it possible to request a particular format or to extrapolate the audio of a videotape?
Absolutely yes! If you have the need to divide the audio from the cassette or to receive the file in a format other than the .WMV format, do not hesitate to contact us via Whatsapp or email! We will take care of all your needs!

Video cassette formats and technical data

1What types of video tapes can I convert?
We currently convert the following video tape formats: VHS, VHSC, MiniDV and Video8. Our laboratories are continuously updated with professional tools dedicated to conversion. If your video does not fit among the above listed supports, contact us to ask for more information.
2Once converted, do I have to use your program to play movies?
Once we have converted your movie you can review it using the integrated windows player without installing other programs. If you don't use windows, we recommend downloading the media player VLC suitable for most operating systems.
3Once you have converted the videotapes, do you think about disposal?
Once we convert your movies, we'll make sure you've downloaded all the files from the cloud. Only when we receive your ok, in case you no longer want your VHS will we proceed to the regular disposal for free.

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A professional service to save your memories

Convert 1 video tape

€ 8

By sending the file with email!

you can choose which media to save your files on, dvd, usb or via e-mail!

Convert 8 video tapes

€ 57,60

By sending the file with email!

you can choose which media to save your files on, dvd, usb or via e-mail!

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