videocassetta trasformazione in digitale su dvd

Videotape with file reversion on cd

How to convert a VHS video cassette to DVD

If you are looking for a way to convert an old VHS videotape to DVD or any digital media then you are in the right place.
How to save memories of the best moments to share with friends, family, relatives or yourself in the future?
Now it’s easy to save a photo or a video, on a CD, a USB stick, on dedicated network servers, on the thousand platforms that offer online saving services, but once upon a time did it use to be?

A true story: the videocassettes get ruined over time

I remember a dear friend who had a passion for short films, he filmed everything that happened around him, the ball game, his drunkenness with friends, the beach holidays and so on.
I met him recently and he gave me the inspiration for this article. He was desperate, he had lost half of his 200 VHS tapes he had collected over the past 30 years. It had happened during a move, the van carrying his objects in his new home had had an accident and the consequences were that over 100 of the videocassettes had been destroyed during the firefighting intervention.
I asked him why he had not converted his cassettes into CDs or saved on a flash drive, he replied that they had offered him a quote that was too high and therefore he had not accepted it.
He didn’t tell me the price, only “you know, in retrospect, how much do my memories of 20 years of life cost?” If I could go back I would willingly change a few supper less at the restaurant to get my twenty years of footage back”.

Tape wear over the years and the remedy

convertitore vhs su cd

Digital vhs converter

Why lose this real human capital when it is possible to save all this? The videotape tapes deteriorate and ruin by losing the sharpness of the images due to the degaussing of the tapes.
Converting movies is important, you can bring your memories into the digital age by converting your videos.
The conversion from VHS to digital is a 1: 1 process that knows no shortcuts, to transform a VHS from 2 hours it will take 2 hours, but everything is saved, stored forever, on hard disk, on CD, on DVD, on key or online to be able to have it always available at any time and in any place.

Digital VHS conversion company

Where to find a company that performs this service? Simple, on the Site they are extremely available, they offer a professional service to save your memories even on the cluod (your personal or their dedicated to you) with affordable prices in formats recognized by most smart TV devices (yes, you can review your movies as they once did on TV), Android or IOS devices.
And if you wanted a particular format? Just contact them and they will offer you the solution that best suits your needs.
Among other things, they have three operational sites in addition to the online one (with home delivery service) and the service is really very reliable.

Videocassetta e cd

videocassetta vhs su cd

Collection and delivery of your videotape with express courier

I was far from all of their locations, working out of the region and returning only for the weekend in Brescia, but they also do a pick-up and delivery service via a very reliable courier (DHL), it was enough to deliver my VHS cassettes from work place and get them back once it is completed, all at the delivery address I requested.
They were punctual, the day before the scheduled delivery date I already had my films on the cloud (I had chosen the solution that was most practical for me at a minimum annual cost given my movements) and I surprised my friends by reviving the football match of 25 years ago at the home of one of them.

The service of

They offer a professional and high quality service with acceptable timing, everything is born from their need to convert the films of their youth, they have made it a profession to offer everyone the opportunity to save and share their videos.
Avoid making your memories disappear, save them from oblivion, give up looking at old cassettes without audio, or where the tape runs in fits and starts, your memories are priceless. Don’t let time and wear ruin the tapes, keep your movies over time in the best possible way.
Take a few minutes, think about your memories, think that you can save them forever, think about the value of them if they disappear but above all know that there is a solution to avoid this traumatic detachment.
What to say, what are you waiting to convert your memories? You can contact them directly from their website or by email [email protected] and ask them for a free quote, saving your VHS videos forever.

Obviously they not only convert VHS videocassettes but also other formats, I invite you to contact them to better understand your needs!

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